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Teppanyaki with Touch Panel

  • 1.Durable stainless steel shell.
  • 2.5 independent purifi cation processors that make washing easy.
  • 3.Inverter control system to maintain the purifi cation effect.
  • 4.High frequency air purifi cation technique to ensure up to 98% efficiency.
  • 5.Smart touch panel, 6 custom menu settings.
  • 6.No disposable filters or other consumables to prevent waste and secondary pollution.
  • 7.A comprehensive solution to your environmental protection needs.
  • Air outlet

  • Drawer

  • Cntrol panel


  • Positive

  • Side

  • Overlooking

Product name Model Overall dimensions (MM) Electrical paramenters
Teppanyaki with Touch Panel -- -- 380V,50Hz,8kW

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