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Inverter Technology to Stabilize Power Levels

The power output of traditional gas cookers, electric cookers and some induction cookers is directly affected by thepower input, but fl uctuations occur. When adjusting the power levels, the power output will go up and down,causing unnecessary energy losses.The Series’ cookers are equipped with state-of-the-art inverter technology, which enables the equipment toaccuratelycontrol and stabilize power levels, ensuring consistency of the outcomes. Meanwhile, the elimination ofpower fl uctuations means better energy effi ciency and lower operation costs.

Conventional induction technology generates heat only when the cookware is in contact with the cooktop, rendering wok-tossing
impossible.Professional Series’ fryers are equipped with 3D arc-shaped ultra heating coils and state-of-the-art cookwaredetection system, which enables the cooktop to detect and heat the cookware even when they are not in direct contact.

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