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  • Ben purchases for his Chinese restaurant customer in July 2018.
  • Ben purchased equipment for his client's new restaurant, which is our first collaboration with Ben.
  • Time to return to 2017. We received Ben's business cards at the Hong Kong HOFEX in May 2017. They are dealers of commercial kitchens in the UK. Later, we kept in touch until December, when Ben said that he was in China, we invited Ben to visit our factory. After Ben visited our production workshop, he was surprised to find that from core model to assembly are all produce by our own manufacturing. In March 2018, we just came back to work after the Spring Festival in China. Ben brought good news said that he would buy equipment for his client's new Chinese restaurant, and send me the purchase list. In April,We was glad that we defeated other suppliers and Ben chose us.
  • Water proof induction control switch more durable.
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