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  • The CE mark attests that the MEIKONG product meets the requirements set by the applicable European directives and regulations.
    The high power induction cooker produced by us are tested by a notified body that has carried out laboratory tests to establish the compliance of the product with the safety and energy efficiency standards of the European Union. All products (3.5kw-25kw) are correlated with CE Declaration of Conformity.
  • The ETL Listed mark is valid throughout North America (United States and Canada) and indicates that the MEIKONG product has been tested by an accredited third party laboratory, in compliance with the applicable product standards and minimum safety requirements in order to be sold and distributed in North America. Our production sites are subject to periodic inspections by a body recognized by the United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration, to verify the regular maintenance of the characteristics of compliance with standards.
  • The CB certification guarantees the compliance of OFFCAR electrical products with the safety requirements of over 50 countries worldwide. The CB Scheme is a program created by the International Electrotechnical Commission for Electrical Equipment (IECEE) for the acceptance of product safety test results between participating laboratories and certification organizations around the world: the electrical devices we manufacture have passed the strict safety tests of a laboratory adhering to this international program.
  • The ISO 9001 certification certifies the compliance of our quality management system with the requirements of the international standard developed by the International Organization for Standardization. With the decision to adopt a quality management system, MEIKONG has as its primary objective, through the continuous improvement of its processes and its products or services, that of obtaining and increasing customer satisfaction.
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