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  • The brand of Induction-cooking technology from china,Mainly in commercial High Power Product Series. uses a high-frequency magnetic field to turn metal cookware into the actual heating element, transferring heat into the food much more quickly and efficiently than conventional gas-flame or electric-heating range tops. Further, because the induction effect cooks without radiant heat, the glass surface of the range top remains relatively cool to the touch and plays no part in raising ambient kitchen temperatures.
  • If something is faster, safer and cleaner, is it then also automatically of benefit? It would be logical to assume so, but the question of usefulness is not always that easy to answer. And yet, we shouldn’t shy away from asking it.AT MEIKONG We have created such a brand... EASYCOOK – Intelligent and energy-efficient Modern induction systems are intelligently controlled and are making cooking more convenient than ever.
  • By virtue of MEIKONG cooking technological R&D resources, Aikfe fully absorbs the European advanced design & production philosophy and employs brand-new appearance design, significant diffentiation improvements are made in the respects of materials,thickness, combustion power, insulation, temperature uniformity performance, cleaning & hygiene, and core accessories etc... AlI of these makes the chef cook with high proficiency during operation. Therefore, it is preferred and ideal equipment for star hotel, professional western restaurant and institution canteens etc...
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