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Induction griddle

  • 1.Isolated induction heating ensures safety and reliability, and is 60% more energy efficient compared with gas cookers.
  • 2.Expert craftsmanship, easy to use control panel.
  • 3.Utilizes high frequency coil, even distribution of heat.
  • 4.8 heat settings, suited for different temperatures.
  • 5.Rapid heating, efficient temperature control, smart operation, user-friendly.
  • 6.Heating does not come into direct contact with the metal, which allows for a safer design.raising efficiency in cooking different foods.
  • 7.Compartments for quick storage and a clutter-free work surface.
  • ceramics glass

  • Cabinet

  • Waterproof sliding switch


  • Positive

  • Side

  • Overlooking

Product name Model Overall dimensions (MM) Electrical paramenters
Induction Griddle EFC-4B-05 400*750*850 220V, 50Hz ,5kW
Induction Griddle EFC-8B-08 800*750*850 220V, 50Hz ,8kW
Induction Griddle EFC-12B-10 1200*750*850 220V, 50Hz ,10kW
Induction Grill-Marker Griddle
EFC-1/3-8B-08 800*750*850 220V, 50Hz ,8kW
Induction Grill-Marker Griddle
EFC-1/3-12B-10 1200*750*850 220V, 50Hz ,10kW

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