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Induction Tilting Braising Pan

  • 1. New induction heating technology that effectively regulates heat output, solving the problem with traditional pans that only a limited surface area causing uneven heat distribution.
  • 2. Multifunction inverter technology to precisely control 8 different heat levels available; special design that minimizes noise when in use.
  • 3. Stainless steel shell; three layered radiation resistant design; three preset cooking settings.
  • 4. 3 preset modes.
  • 5.Equipped with overheat protection and automatic malfunction detection features to prevent incidents.
  • 6.Main panel uses moisture proof sealing technology; user-friendly design that makes it pestproof, waterproof and nonstick
  • Water tap

  • control panel

  • Cover


  • Positive

  • Side

  • Overlooking

Product name Model Overall dimensions (MM) Electrical paramenters
Induction Tilting Pan TEW-125D-60 1250*900*900 380V,50Hz,8KW,60L
Induction Tilting Pan TEW125D-80 1250*900*900 380V,50Hz,10KW,80L
Induction Tilting Pan TEW125D-100 1250*900*900 380V,50Hz,15KW,100L
Induction Tilting Pan TEW125D-120 1380*900*900 380V,50Hz,15KW,120L
Induction Tilting Pan TEW150D-150 1500*900*900 380V,50Hz,20KW,150L

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