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Electric Induction Deep Fryer

  • 1.Electric Induction Sensor, unique automatic temperature regulating function.Eliminate food sticking to the bottom.
  • 2.Tank separate from heating structure, which allows uniform heating.
  • 3.Easy to clean, designed and structure meets hygiene standards.
  • 4.Heat preservation, empty tank reminder, and auto-detection precaution.
  • 5.Modular design of the main panel makes inspection and repair easy.
  • 6.Machine uses unique heat dispersal system for better energy efficiency.
  • 7.Rapid Heating, efficient temperature control, smart operation, user-friendly.
  • 8.Compartments for quick storage.


  • Cabinet

  • Cntrol panel


  • Positive

  • Side

  • Overlooking

Product name Model Overall dimensions (MM) Electrical paramenters
Induction Deep Fryer ESC-4B-08 400*750*850 380V,50Hz,8kW
Induction Deep Fryer ESC-8B-16 800*750*850 380V,50Hz,8kW*2

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