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A unique and timeless design, inspired by observation of space

  • It is the only modular cooking system that makes optimal use of space thanks to its incredibly modular composition: as well as conventional side-by-side modules, it includes multifunctional elements above
    and below the top, making your kitchen less cramped and more productive.
  • it is equipped with the innovative Chef Comfort-Pro system which creates an invisible barrier between the cooking zone and the chef. Chef Comfort-Pro reduces the heat coming from the appliance, creating a ore pleasant working environment. 
  • Nanotechnology grill

  • Uniform cooking

  • Incredibly easy to clean and hygienic


  • Positive

  • Side

  • Overlooking

Product name Voltage Overall dimensions (MM) Power
BBQ Grill 380V 1500*800*850 15kW 
Sauce pot  -- 470*155*100  --
4 Burner Induction Range      380V 900*800*850 3.5KW*4
Induction wok Burner 380V 900*800*850 15kW
Cleaning Basin  -- 500*500*280 --
Deep Fryer 380V 900*800*850 8KW*2
 Griddle  380V 900*800*850 10KW
Bain Marie 220V 505*310*150 2KW

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