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Automatic Lifting Induction Noodle Cooker

  • 1.PID controller which enables temperature precision.
  • 2.Smart Control with precision timer control; automated rise technology ensuring desired results.
  • 3.Independent control system equipped with 6 individual hobs, each with separate stand-by and pre-heat controls.
  • 4.Inverter temperature control which makes it 60% more energy efficient compared with gas cookers.
  • 5.Modular design of the main panel makes inspection and repair easy.
  • 6.Isolated induction heating, safe and reliable; low water detection.
  • 7.The reinforced design allows the stainless steel induction cooker cabinet to be safe and durable.
  • Basket

  • Cabinet

  • Cntrol panel


  • Positive

  • Side

  • Overlooking

Product name Model Overall dimensions (MM) Electrical paramenters
Automatic Lifting Induction Noodle Cooker ESAT-8D-12 800*900*850 380V,50Hz,8kW

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