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Product name

EASYCOOK tilting braising pan is stainless steel in casing, elegant in appearance and tilting in design which is convenient for the users to move the food in the pan maximally. Moreover, it’s
induction heating which has a good heating efficiency.
The automatic temperature control setting, overtemperature protection function and flame out protection device ensure the safety when using. Besides, this product achieves function diversified
instead of monotony of the conventional products. For instance, it can not only fry, stir-fry, cook, but also braise, boil and stew.

A new era for chefs The ProThermetic range offers the best solutions for high production kitchens :

  • Central kitchen
  • Banquets and catering
  • Colleges and universities
  • Corporate dining
  • Restaurant
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • K-12 schools
Features Advantages
induction heating The high performance Power Block heating system ensures precise temperature control as well as even temperature distribution for more efficiency and excellent cooking results. Electrtic induction heating is the highest heating efficiency method.
Heavy Duty cooking surface The heavy duty stainless steel cooking surface is highly resistant to thermal shocks and does not experience any deformation even in the worst onditions. Power block heating system on electric induction versions means optimal uniform heat distribution and fast reaction.
Precise operations The electronic control is ableto adjust the power according to the cooking mode selected and then maintains the
required temperature to achieve the best cooking results:
► Braising operating mode When the nominal temperature is higher than
230°F. Control is maintained via a sensor located underneath the pan.
Power is supplied as and when required to maintain the set temperature without exceeding it.
4 shortcut menus The versatile design of the MEIKONG Braising pans allows you to take control of your products and cook in different modes, resulting in consistent results.
Advanced faucet comes standard with an integrated faucet for filling and cleaning the braising pan.
rounded corners Pan with rounded corners, welded by a high-performing robot
Higher productivity Power Block heating system ensures uniform cooking and quicker cooking times for high-productivity kitchens.
Easy to clean ►Possibility to tilt the pan more than 90° allowing the pan to be completely emptied thus eliminating residues.
►Reduced well depth makes cleaning easier.
►All angles are easily reachable, while components are protected against jets of water and detergent.
Motorized tilting for easy pouring ►Variable speed motorized tilting makes emptying the pan extremely easy and precise.
►Electronic control regulates the tilting motor so that food does not spill over, whatever the angle of inclination.
►Tilting axis reaches more than 90° and has a high and frontal position to allow for pouring liquids in taller containers.
►Rotation axis is constructed in stainless steel for greater durability.
►Features excellent water protection seals
Waterproof grade:IPX6 The ProThermetic rangeis certified IPX6, 8 times higher than market standard
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